Sunday, November 2, 2008

Today.... the actual Birthday

Brynn had been counting down for days until her birthday. A couple of nights she would come out while I thought she was sleeping and would ask me questions like..are you going to decorate the kitchen?, do I get breakfast in bed?, and can I have the candle with the number 6 on it? She had been so excited it was obvious it was something on her mind a lot. So last night we decorated with balloons and streamers so when she came out of her room she would see them. We made her the breakfast of her choice which was pancakes and eggs which she ate in bed. We then watched her video and opened presents. We went to church and then headed over to Grandma and Grandpa Condies house for more fun.
The first Sunday of every month, my family all tries to get together and have dinner/family night together. This time it happened to fall right on her birthday so she was especially excited to see her cousins and Grandparents on her birthday. We had a great time together.
Happy Birthday BRYNN

Grandma and Grandpa Belka were watching Bryten and Briggs while we took Brynn out. When we got back they were gone and within just a minute they came up the street on the four wheeler with Grandma with big grins on their face. They had been at the park having a great time.

Happy Birthday Brynn!

We saw these statues outside the restraunt and decided to pose like them.

We wanted to give Brynn a little one on one time. So first I took Brynn to get her nails painted which she thought was the neatest thing ever. She was just beaming the whole time, then Byron and I took her out to lunch. She wanted to eat Lasagna so I helped make the decision to take her to the Olive Garden. Afterwards we took the trax to go to temple square. We had a great time together and loved it just as much as she did.

Halloween night we went trick or treating to Aunt Carolyn's house and Uncle Vernon and Aunt Arlene's house and then went to our ward's trunk or treat. The kids had a great time and got tons of candy that I have now hidden :)

This is Brynn in her class room before her parade and carnival. I got to go help in her class that day and take a group of girls around to all of the different games they had around the school. Brynn loved it and had so much fun. I loved being there with Brynn and also being able to see her in the classroom. She has such a wonderful teacher...Ms. Parkins and I was so impressed at how she runs the classroom and how she is with the children. No wonder why Brynn loves it so much.

Brynn and Mrs. George who is another Kindergarten teacher at the school. Her husband plays on the team so I thought it would be fun to get a picture of Brynn with her.

This is Bryten and Kyson's preschool class. They had a parade in front of the school and then had a party. Bryten is posing and stayed like that for all the pictures. She got pretty hot in her costume and had taken it off by the time I picked her up.


This Halloween was a lot of fun for the kids. It started on Thursday for us with Bryten's party and parade. Brynn had a violin lesson and Sadie was watching the kids and when I came back she had Bryten dressed up in her pink poodle dog costume and lipstick on. She loved it so much she wouldn't move her lips because she didn't want it to come off. Sadie had Briggs in a cute Halloween sweatshirt and his hair all done so we took some fun pictures on their porch. Not only are Kyson and Bryten cousins they are great friends and get to be in the same preschool class together.